I raise my thumb up

I raise my thumb up .

I am returning back to the City.  Much faster than I was expecting. Why? I do not know.Perhaps, because  of a desire to start my summer as soon as possible. Even though my heart is shaking in fear . No dramas, strategies, lies and hiding… will we still be together ? King of Bastards is waiting for me in the City to begin a new round of our strange love story..

The car stops. Travels to my direction. I jump in the front seat. The man, around 40 years old, tanned and muscular arms. I ask his name what I forget same moment when I hear. Car was messy, full of documents … and packaged syringes. It turns out, that he is veterinarian. I smile and thank him again for the ride. Start telling him about myself, but he is not interested, so ride continues in silence. I feel happy about that, because of my poor knowledge of language, does not allow me to be a very eloquent .

I start to watch the passing landscape through the window. Only two days I’ve been away from this country , but I have already missed it. I missed different and surprising environment , people, smells and tastes. I missed to feel local people interest in me and their willingness to help me. In half a year I experienced so many surprises. More than I had in all my life.

The car stops just off the road to the nearby woods. It turns out, driver needs to pee. It takeslonger than expected,but he returns to the car and turns back to the main road. Soon he stops again in front of the other car, standing by the roadside. Inside, I can see two people. One really old and another, my veterinarian’s age. Driver gets out to chat with him and quickly returns. Once again we are going back to the road…

One of the things that I always hate while I’m hitchhiking is that drivers are constantly delaying trip’s time. On the one hand , I understand them. They are working, not like me, traveling and vagabonding around the world. So  I got used to have breaks in garages, offices, shops or tea places. It become inevitable part of the traveling by stopping cars. On the other hand, the delayed time compensation was amazing food , beautiful places to visit, wonderful rides and of course, the incredible kindness of people . After all, everything has to have two sides, doesn’t it ?

The police stops us. Oh my goodness , are we going to reach destination today?! Some sort of check. Again pulled back on the road , and we pass the city. It seems that my driver mentioned this city as his destination… Perhaps I again mingled names. So,we are approaching my destination, even though it is still more than 100 kilometers.

Trying to calculate the time to reach the city. I’m thinking how I will meet my spiritual local girl. It has already become a tradition for me, to go with her to a house of prayer . While she and others pray , I kneel down and talk to God. Just  thank him for the amazing things he has given me, wonderful lessons learned and …

The car makes a turn out of the main road .

– Where are you going?

– I need cheese .

I feel the same heart shake what I felt when previously we went to the nearby woods.However, after then we returned back to the road. I try to stop doubts occupy my head and focus on villages.  Incredible empty. We pass second unknown village. I cannot see the name of it. I broke my glasses month ago…  We keep going. Driver turns out of the rural road to some overgrown fields track and eventually stops in place surrounded by bushes and trees.

My heart is trying to  jump out of the chest , but I’m trying to calm down. I’m repeating for myself “That can not be true … “

– We will go in 5 minutes – he says while leaving the car .

I am trying  to see him through the side mirrors. I take my phone to write a message for King of Bastard, where I am … I don’t hope he can help me. I just want to be found if… I feel paralyzed  by fear, because I realize that I do not know where I am …

1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .. 5 ..

At that time, the driver opens my door and grabs my phone. Just at this moment , I really believe that it is happening. Scary story,  what I have been warned so many times.  Situation, about I was reading so many stories and learning how to prevent it. But I have never read, how to behave when it is already happening.

… 10 .. 11 .. 12 .. 13 ..

I’m not releasing the phone from the hands and straight, watching to his eyes, yelling him to stop. Not begging. Not unnecessary screaming, because I know- no one will hear me. Just strictly straight into his face shouting – Stop! No! Do not !

… 25 .. 26 .. 27 .. 28 .. 29 ..

His one hand  relieves my phone, goes on my thigh and tries to spread my legs. I actinstinctively . I pull the phone out of his hand and hit with it, as strong as I can, to the bridge of nose. He bounces back. He pulls his hands away from face and sees them red from blood. His face covered with the blood more than I would have imagined that it is possible. He gets furious and screaming for me to climb out of the car .

… 35 .. 36 .. 37 .. 38 .. 39 ..

I do not understand what is happening. Hardly breathing, I pick up my backpack, jump out of the car and… excuse and run away. I look back to be sure that he does not follow me . Once I do not see the car, I find on the road the sharp stick. In my minds – chaos.  To run ? To hide ? To Travel back to the village ? And if he comes back ? And if I get lost if i will not keep the road ?And if he come back? back to me..
I start to call. To hear his voice. I find it hard to speak.

– … I do not know … where I am … took me … he tried … I’m afraid … I do not know where I am … I am afraid … I am afraid he might come back ..

– Go towards the village. If you will see car coming- stop, even if it goes to opposite direction.Do you have his plate number ?

– .. I don’t … I do not know … he might come back … I can not believe this is happening … I see a village … I need to find the name of it … I can see something coming …

Same car is coming with my bleeding driver. I feel weak, i cannot move because of fear, but at the same time, I try to see the shelter to run away from it. However, it just passes even not look at me.

– … It was his car … but he didn’t stop..

At every turn, I am afraid to see him standing. Afraid to end the call, I want someone to talk to, until I will feel safe. Finally, I reach the village. I see it’s  name, so I know how far away from main road I am. However, the village is empty. As well as the next one, so I keep  towards the main road. I just want to get back to the City. I hear someone shouting.. .

– Hey , hello , hello … Where are you going?

In the field , close to the road, young teenagers  are working. They want to speak with me even in their broken foreign language. I finish the call, and I try to talk to them in order to find out whether there is a bus stop close by. They probably cannot understand me but still, they are interested to know where am I from, am I really traveling by hitchhiking…

– I hitchhiked.. I’m still hitchhiking? – actually ask that myself too.

I leave them, go back on the main road, say a short  prayer and  raise my thumb up again.

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