Merhaba Türkiye… again…

I couldn’t grasp that I have already landed in Istanbul after seeing spectacular view of the city through the plane window, when officer suddenly started to flirt with me. While checking my passport, he expressed his thoughts about my beauty. At the same moment I understood, nothing changed since the last time I was in this country. Turkey is still Turkey.

Two days after, I was waiting for a friend in Taksim square. A man came to me and told me: “Doyouwannadirinkcola”. What? Do you want to drink cola? It was hard to stop laughing of such a straight forward strategy. Next evening somebody in the street was offering tea… I don’t know these people. But… I can’t be surprised. I have already spent too much time in Turkey, so I can not pretend that I don’t know, how Turkish do not hesitate approaching foreigners and especially girls.

First time I came to Turkey in 2013 February for my first semester as an exchange student. Since then, because of interesting and romantic twists in my life, I officially entered Turkey six times and I spend around 10 months in this country. And now, I am again settling down in Istanbul for at least next 4 months…

Now I am not so surprised or feeling exited about everything around me. In my face you can see a wise smile, because I overcame “integration period” 1.5 year ago. Now, I feel somehow local… As much, as foreigner could be.


The first morning and I am already trying some East Turkey traditional  bride accessories

It won’t be so much “erasmus” experience this time. First of all, I already have people I love here, who cares about me, who knows me… I know the culture, I know the rules, I know that I can expect from this country, but … It feels like the silence before storm. When I start to think, that I know what is waiting for me to happen, suddenly everything changes and God does his job, to mess all my life.

Will see. I am sure, everything will be great.

Her şey çok güzel olacak!

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