Trying to find a balance…


Three archetypes of me. First archetype : The student/The intern

Crossing Bosforus makes me feel somehow magical. I see mosques around me, skyscrapers behind them, seagulls trying to catch some food and small houses on hills. While listening murmur of the city, the only thing that interrupts such a magical moment is the fact, that I really badly want to sleep. My campus is on another continent, so I have to take a bus and a boat…or a boat and a bus (that gets stuck in the traffic every morning). My campus is in the place called „Anadolu Hisari“( Anatolian Castle). Maybe I will become a princess of it? Neh, I don’t think so, because I am planing to visit university once a week and establish my Kingdom in Besiktas (home and internship place).

Even I spent really little time in university, but it was enough to understand that my exchanges are pretty similar in organizational way. I attended few lessons, but none of them happened without strange technical problems (for example- trying to fix projector for 45 minutes) or professor’s discussions with Turkish students in Turkish language. I am still struggling to register my subjects on online system, because it just doesn’t work properly. These things just remind me my previous experiences, so I am trying just relax and not to take it so serious. I’m trying…


Midiye dolma- it makes me sooo happy.. Second archetype- The Bomz/The Traveler

I was kinda busy these weeks because I needed to find my bachelor advisor and to fix thesis project. Also I was trying to write an ERASMUS+ project for October deadline, to apply and get opportunity to organize youth-exchange. But I will need to delay application, because my internship’s organisation can not apply for two projects at same moment. Meanwhile, I was promoting and selling tickets for parties organised by The Best Party Life. Also, I’m trying to meet some people and … the last but not least to spend time with my (as he calls) The Head of the Support Services Department aka Benim Kralim. I feel especially grateful for his patience and support.


Third archetype: The Party Animal

The hardest thing for me now  is to find a balance. People who know me good, they know, it’s a problem I have. I’m swinging between being very serious, busy and being very sociable and having fun to the edge (or ground…). It mostly depends on geographical location. In Lithuania, I am serious, but abroad I am having fun. This time, I am trying to be both at same moment. And it’s really hard to balance all archetypes I have in myself and let all of them to breath and to co-exist with each other…

Also I feel a lot of pressure to make many important decisions and plans in these months. For example,  MASTER CAUTION! I mean it literally, because I need to decide about master studies.  And meantime, I am trying to solve my psychological problems…

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Listening while trying to find a balance between all of my sides…

As I love to say “What will happen, what won’t happen, but Justina will survive”. I know, it doesn’t sound so cool, but in my native language it sounds much more better “Kas bus, Ko nebus, Bet Justina nepražus”.

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