My life in Turkey is not so exited as it was before. I’m feeling too much local here. Not so much Erasmus, but more as person who came back… again and again. Before coming here I was aware that it will not be as it was the first time. Everything looked so new, so undiscovered and I was open to do the craziest and the most adventurous things to experience as much as possible. But now, I kinda know how it is to live in Turkey. I have my routine here. Some nights out in Taksim, rides to visit Babaanne’s (bf grandmothers), daily internship, Saturdays in local market and Thursdays at university… I know my favorite food, places and people.

I don’t feel disappointed about it. I was expecting it and now I’m the most busy with filling unfinished documents, making strategies for life and cooking for my handicapped in kitchen boyfriend. I’m really spending a lot of time in kitchen, because neighbors across the street, who can see me through windows, started to tell my flatmates, that ginger foreign girl is always preparing some food…

It feels unfair to feel … bored. I live in my favorite city in the world, autumn is still not cruel as it’s in my home country. I have great flatmates who makes me laugh and a person next to me who supports me in every my life step. I have several new friends, with whom I like to talk…  But, my life is not exiting.

I love when my life reminds adventurous movie or “soup opera”. But today, in my personal standards, I have ordinary life. I have to stop thinking about it, because it’s autumn. I always calm down in this season.

But I know, next year will bring me more adventures. I’m sure about it. I have a great plan! I always start year with a lot of new energy to experience new things in this world. But now, time to have routine and get bored….

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