An Ode to Travel

Last days I spent with my very good friend Rita. We are meeting once or twice a year, somewhere in the world. Between these meetings we are not so much keeping in touch, but it’s not a problem to be friends. We are both these kind of people who are connected by stories and adventures which we experienced together while travelling. We cannot stop being friends, because we know too much about each other :). We are meeting each other to create more stories together or to plan future destinations we dream to visit.

We are vagabonds. We don’t have settled home, but in many places we are feeling kinda like home. We are wondering around without job, but with big passion to experience more. To travel further, to be exited more and to discover unknown places.

We are sharing passion for having a life of travel.

My addiction to travel started in childhood. Travelling in minds, was a part of my obsession to read. Books were giving me opportunity to live somewhere else: in different country, in different world, in different life. Reading was my access to escape from reality, but my logic was whispering that reality of books are rarely possible.

I was dreaming about adventures, about trips around the world to discover it better and better. I was even collecting postcards from around the world and telling everyone that one day I will visit all these places. It was unrealistic at that time, but I was keep dreaming. My mother told me that in her young days she was dreaming to travel and visit unseen places. However, reality was different, where only discovers and challenges were new bills to pay and everyday’s fight to survive.

I was feeling like I am one from many people with same life as others. I was not aware of the feeling to be unique and special. But once, I left my country with my sister. I was 13 when first time I flew to the island full of palms and blue sea. It felt like a dream. I couldn’t believe that I am so lucky to visit place which looks like from my postcards. I started to feel special. I understood that dreams can come true, despite realistic and logical thoughts. Since when, a feeling that I am special is with me. Doesn’t matter if I am in my country or on  the road to another trip, I know that I can dream and live in my dreams.

Now I am 23. And most of the time I’m or living abroad, or travelling, or planing my next destination. I’m addicted to trips because of excitement discovering something new: street, city, taste, smell… Even I love planing everything, but on the road I feel that past or future it’s not so important. I just live in the moment. I can not predict stories that will happen or people I will meet. I am much more willing to experience risky adventures and feel adrenalin. It makes me feel alive. Travels are wonderful, because small and big challenges are happening in every moment and the only way to overcome them is to trust strangers and their good will. .

Travels help me to get to know little bit more and to understand that I don’t know even much more. I am meeting new people with their life stories and sharing my own story with them. I start to feel like I am citizen of the world. All people, doesn’t matter from where they are, somehow are similar to me. Differences just make them more interesting. On the road in short time I am meeting a lot of good people with unique stories. World is full of good people. Maybe it just looks like this, because people are willing to help, because friendships are very short-term. But it’s the core of travelers- not to stay in one place too long, so you will always remember place and people with excitement.

Travels taught me how to be more simple. Everything I need  just in one backpack. More I will have, harder it will be. It helps to understand that society is addicted to material things, so when I am kinda settling down, I am consuming more responsibly. I am always starting having doubts if I really need new dress, pair of jeans, phone, computer or something else, because it’s a price of a ticket to place I have never been.

Travels inspires me to live life of my dreams. I am living for this kind of moments when I am overcoming challenges, meeting wonderful people, experiencing stories and feelings that I never had. Maybe these moments are short, but … They are big in my memory and my all life is composed of them.

Go and Travel! Now. Not later. Maybe now I don’t have money, but I have time. Maybe in future I will have money, but time will be less.


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