Escape from autumn: the island of Cyprus

I see a sky closer than usually. Clouds are behind me, a map on my knees and the backpack next to me. In one hour I will land in unknown lands that I will try to discover. I am ready to hit the road. To find new things, to experience stories and to calm down my traveler’s soul. It’s time. It’s getting to hard to stay in one place.

My travels start from a moment I buy tickets. I start to imagine and plan future trip and it makes me really exited and happy. At some moment, I understood – autumn is killing me. I bought tickets and since that moment, problem was solved. Travelling heals me. It makes me to feel alive and … happier.

Settling down doesn’t fit to me. Still. Maybe later. I created nice routine in Istanbul, with different people around me, but… I still need excitement. I am getting bored very easily.

Also, in my head there are many questions about future and I am stressing because I am not sure how to manage everything. However, the open road heals me. It helps me to find answers. I am not sure if six days are enough, but at least it can help me to understand more.

Just me, the backpack and the road. Oh…  and strangers who I will meet while I will be hitchhiking and couchsurfing.

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Why I am going to the island of Cyprus?

1. Cheep tickets (both directions 50 euros);

2. It’s warm;

3. I haven’t been there before;

4. It’s politically messed up place. Island divided in two parts. Cyprus (EU) and Northen Cyprus (TR). I am looking forward to see difference and to talk with people about it;

5. I missed couchsurfing and hitchhiking.

Wish me luck! I am ready to hit the road.

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