92 Caucasian days

This morning  I felt like I am seeing a ghost from the past. I was sitting in Kutaisi airport, waiting for boarding and I looked through the window. I saw two girls, coming from plane and running towards me. And when…  it disappeared.

92 days ago, I came (again) to Georgia with my friend.  92 days after it, I am sitting alone in airport and remembering how much I was afraid to come back to Georgia. I didn’t have a clue, what can happen. But I came back. Because, pizdiec, ja dura. Also it was time to answer many questions about myself.

Half of the time in Georgia I was suffering from doubts, disappointments and experiencing one of the biggest crisis in my life. I was feeling so lonely.


People I met  became my biggest support from the first day they entered to my life. They didn’t know me and even I was acting as psychopath,  they still were patient to listen me and to give me a strength to carry on.

I spent with these people just two months, but… I will always appreciate, how much they helped  me just with their existence next to me.

Finally I feel, that it was worth to come back to Georgia. I answered questions I had. I became stronger and more independent. I started finally to hear what I really want. And last but not the least, I met wonderful people and I feel terrible leaving them and knowing that I will not be a part of their Georgian story anymore.

But, Justina is always leaving.

Whatever. Anyway.11168037_10200452794720417_4526428763839144017_n

I am happy and I have a lot of courage for next chapter in my life.  And it’s just because of YOU!

Madloba! Děkuji! Dziękuję ! Aitäh! Ačiū!

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