Why I am still (again) in Georgia?

Yes, I am still here. Something in Georgian air makes me to come back and come back to this crazy land.  I believe everything/everyone has some kind of vibes. My and this land’s vibes are fitting extremely well.

My love for Georgia is not blind. There are  things I really hate and there times when I wanted to leave this country so badly. But in the end of day, I can tell- this country is special and I feel great here. I feel, how I fit here.

How did it happen that I am still (again) in Georgia? Because this year I felt very lost. I lost sense who I am, where I am going and what do I really want. It was terrible experience. This year may get award as “The shittiest year of my life”. However, in summer, when I felt that I am going to hit the bottom, my Sancho Panza (my best ever friend ever) kicked my ass and helped me to dream again.

I knew for sure- it’s time to settle down. I was too tired of moving around. Too tired of new people. Too tired of being student. I knew, I need a job. A normal job. But Lithuanian perspectives scared the shit out of me. I dreamed about job where I can combine my passion for travelling and get paid for it.This summer I stayed three months in Lithuania. I understood that constant travelling and living abroad made me to feel like a stranger in my homeland. I couldn’t manage to fit back to society. Even I was travelling a lot in my small country, I felt how I was loosing ability to dream and be optimistic. So, the greatest plan was created! To go back to Georgia, because that’s my favorite country, and find a job in tourism sector, hoping it will help me to have interesting, satisfying time.

I had never worked in tourism. I had never been tourist. I am hitchhiker, couchsurfer, sometimes I sleep in parks! However, I often had to listen, that I am inspiring so many people to travel and I am helping them to experience wonderful moments, that I started to believe that I could get a job, just because of my passion and travelling experience.

and you know what? I got it.

DSC02128It was already a day, after two months slowly loosing hope to stay in Georgia, when I had to buy tickets to Lithuania. I had to go to  one more job interview. Surprise, surprise-  they hired me instantly. It was hard to believe! I felt again – I am loved by the World.

Now I am living in Tbilisi and helping people to experience Georgia in the best way. I am showing this BEAUTIFUL country and helping them to get unforgettable moments.  It’s amazing feeling to see happy and exited people when they see amazing, spectacular views, hear interesting stories and get’s surprised by Georgian traditions.

Eh, things started to get better. Rest of the year are going to be really good!


Quite a country. Or maybe not. Abkhazia

The negative outcome of traveling a lot and frequently living abroad- is having difficulties to feel excitement again. Ahh… first times were so bright! All tastes, smells and noises. But finally cities started to be so similar, architecture and landscape not fascinating anymore, less surprises and challenges on the road. After traveling became the way of my life, I am not able to reach that excitement I had first times. Although,  I’m still not able to settle down. Drugs- they are such a good analogy! The first dose suppose to be the best. Later, to reach same effect you need more or stronger ones. So it’s time to change the way of traveling. Couchsurfing and hitchhiking still give me vibes, but places not so much. I wish to go to South America, deeper to Middle East or maybe Africa, but at this moment I don’t have opportunities to do that. So, why not to go somewhere where is… kind a forbidden place? Why do not go to a territory, which is recognized as an independent state just by Russia and few other countries, but doesn’t have international recognition? Where does kidnapping sometimes happen and bombs were falling not so many years ago? “Elementary, my dear Watson. Because it’ dangerous”. Maybe yes, maybe no… maybe doesn’t matter. After all,  “Danger” definition depends on the perspective.

The idea to go to Abkhazia was really attractive for me. As for a traveler who needs something new and as for a political science student who loves compare her theoretical knowledge gained from literature and lectures with “touchable” reality. And also, I wanted to get to know Georgia from all side. But wait, is it Georgia or not…?

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Things I learned in Georgia- Part 3

Georgia taught me so many different and surprising things, that I could never guess I will learn. Maybe it even changed me as a person. I became more patient, more relaxed and ready to accept all different “surprises” in my road of life.  You have to become person like this, if you want to survive in messy Georgia. In the beginning it was annoying, but after sometime I started to enjoy it…and now I am even missing it. Maybe it’s some kind of “Stockholm syndrome”?

1. I wish to say, I will never miss these moments, when I’m coming back home after hot day/crazy night, and… there are no water. At all. How many evenings I was going to sleep after washing my face with Likani or Borjomi mineral water? Another situation- exam session. I am pretending, that I am studying. Bah! No internet. Options: to go to nearest bar with internet or to visit part of family aka neighbors living in “Depresuha”…But you know, you will not study there. I guess once or twice even electricity disappeared… Ahh, my lovely Georgia!

2. Tbilisi State University… I guess, it’s one of the best universities in Georgia. But the lack of organizational abilities and competence sometimes was really killing me. My patient was tested by lecturers who were late for their classes and keeping students to wait …Or sometimes not appearing at all, because they…hmm…forgot. Wonderful syllabus of courses comparing with the quality of real classes. Last weeks decisions like “You don’t have to give final paper.” But  I already had it! The feeling, I don’t know when/where/why this course exist?

However, I loved smoking breaks with professor next to the university window in corridor. I loved discussions about things I am interested in. I loved teachers who really taught me something…and was bringing wine to the last lectures.

3. As I have already mentioned about punctuality, I want to continue about  time. In Georgia I learned that exist normal time and… Georgian time. 5 minutes normal time =20 minutes Georgian time (or more). If you have a meeting with Georgian, don’t bother yourself about coming on time or at least bring a book. It will take time until Georgian will show up. Of course, few exceptions exist and some of them will come on time. Continue reading

Things I learned in Georgia- Part 1

I feel, that it’s a time to tell the truth about the awesome and magical place called Georgia. It’s a pity, I was not writing my blog during the time I was there…The main and quite shameful reason- I was or drunk, or trying to get sober. And sometimes I was too busy  catching up the things I have to study for university. Also, it was too personal to write about all stories happened to me and my family- people I lived together. But now, I am at home and I remember everything with a warm feeling inside me and smile on my face. No mistakes, no regrets -just crazy time of the life when you are young and stupid.

But for now, not about it. Let’s talk about the things I learned  in crazy Caucasus country.

1. There are the place in the world where traffic rules do not exist. If you want to  cross the road be ready to be fearless. Green, red, yellow…does not matter. Just trust your luck and be self-confident. Do not stop moving and look to driver’s eyes. If you will stand next to the road, they can feel your doubts, so they will not stop for you. Just move and they will slow down. It’s too problematic for them to smash you and clean their car after it.

2. Georgian drivers- are crazy drivers, but really experienced. You need to be a pro, if you want to manage to drive and not to kill any cow, goat, ship, horse, duck… on the road, that will appear quite often.

IMG_1154 (800x533)


3. If you are hitchhiking, be sure, you are hungry. 75% drivers will feed you. To say “No”, not allowed and disrespectful. But you can manage to avoid offers to drink (even if many of them will have really good homemade alcohol in their car).

4. Yes, they will ask you, your number/facebook/vkontake(?) or odnoklassniki(??) account name. To keep in touch and to meet again to eat shashlik.

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