Escape from autumn: the island of Cyprus

I see a sky closer than usually. Clouds are behind me, a map on my knees and the backpack next to me. In one hour I will land in unknown lands that I will try to discover. I am ready to hit the road. To find new things, to experience stories and to calm down my traveler’s soul. It’s time. It’s getting to hard to stay in one place.

My travels start from a moment I buy tickets. I start to imagine and plan future trip and it makes me really exited and happy. At some moment, I understood – autumn is killing me. I bought tickets and since that moment, problem was solved. Travelling heals me. It makes me to feel alive and … happier. Continue reading

My trip to Abkhazia. The country that doesn’t exist

If you’re interested in visiting Abkhazia, it’s not so difficult, as you can guess. You have to fill out application at the Abkhazian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and after few days check your email box for an authorization letter. Print it and it’s your permission to cross “the border”. I strongly recommend crossing it from Georgian side. If you will do it from Russian territory and later you will try to continue to Georgia, you can be punished as crossing Georgia’s territory illegally and you’ll have opportunity to discover local prison for two years. You need Ingur border crossing, which is next to Zugdidi city. To reach it, you can by bus, train… or by hitchhiking, as I did with my lovely travel buddy – Edita. Hitchhiking in Georgia is always amazing, so we reached border really happy.

First of all, we visited awesome Georgian officers. They were interested, why we’re going to Abkhazia and gave as some tasty nectarines. After asking me, how many days we will be there, I answered “Four days. If we won’t come back, start search for us“. Stupid joke, because… they can not cross the border. Georgians can not visit Abkhazia (or they must to have a status of IDP- Internationally Displaced Person), but Abkhazians as the citizens of Georgia’s territory (as almost all world believes) can visit Georgia. Doesn’t sound fair…

Welcome to Zugdidi Continue reading

Stabdant mašinas… Hitchhiking…


  • 2010 – 1 car

*Molėtai-> Vilnius (1) Pirmasis sąmoningas kartas tranzuojant iš stovyklos. My first real hitchhiking experience

  • 2011- 31 cars

*Širvintos->Kernavė->Širvintos (3)

*Vilnius->Kaunas (1)

*Kaunas->Vievis->Širvintos (3) Pirmą kartą viena . The first time hitchhiking alone

*Širvintos->Puorai (1)

*LT Trip’as (Vilnius-> Klaipėda-> Smiltynė-> Juodkrantė-> Nida-> Klaipėda-> Palanga->

Šventoji-> Palanga-> Kretinga-> Plungė-> Telšiai-> Naujoji Akmenė.  Palanga-> Šventoji-> Palanga-> Klaipėda-> Kaunas-> Vievis-> Vileikiškiai-> Širvintos) (21)

*Vilnius->Širvintos (2)

  • 2012- 108 cars

*Vilnius->Širvintos (2) Tranzavimas prie – 13 temperatūros. Kvailystė.Hitchhiking while outside -13 temperature. Stupid, but I just wanted to check how does it feel. Feels freezing…

*Vilnius->Trakai-Vilnius (4)

*Vilnius->Karmėlava (1)

*”Kidnapping in Georgia” trip’as(Tbilisi->Batumi->Kutaisi->Borjomi->Tbilisi) (12) Pirmą kartą tranzavau užsienyje. The first time hitchhiking abroad

*Vilnius-Širvintos (1) Pirmą kartą sustojo viena važiuojanti moteris! First time woman stopped for me

*Tranzavimo varžybos “Baltija 2012”- Hitchhiking race. (Vilnius-> Senoji Varėna-> Merkinė-> Alytus-> Lazdijai-> Seyniai-> Augustov-> Kurcin-> Knysin-> Bialystok-> Zamrbrow-> Ostraw Mozawecki-> Lomza-> Augustov-> Marijampolė-> Vilkaviškis-> Marijampolė-> Vilnius-> Grigiškės-> Karoliniškės) (21) Ilgiausias atstumas- 1090 km. per 18 val. The longest hitchhiking 1090km in 18 hours.

* (USA, NY) Wilmington->Lake Placid->Wilmington (2) Pirmas kartas vienai, užsienyje.The first time hitchhiking alone abroad.

* (USA, NY) KOA camground- Wilmington (1)

*(USA, NY) KOA campground-Schroon lake-KOA camground (7)

* (USA, NY) KOA campground- Buffalo-KOA campground (  rekordai: viena, 1200km, per 23h,  300km  pavėžėjimas) (23) personal records: alone-1200km in 23 hours. The longest ride for 300km.

*(USA, NY) KOA campground-Schroon Lake- Chestertown-Koa camground (7)

*(USA, NY) KOA campground- Wilmington-KOA campground (3)

*(USA, NY) KOA campground- Lake George-Glens Falls-Malta-Chestertown-KOA camground (10)

* (USA, NY) KOA campgroung- Albany (6) Su didžiule kuprine ant pečiu ir kelioniniu lagaminu rankoje. Įdomus vairuotojas- PETA ex–vise-president.With big backpack and luggage. Very interesting driver- PETA ex-vise president.

* Vilnius-Kaunas-Vilnius (3) (vėl naktį ir sumuštas laukimo rekordas)Again during the night. Longest waiting time… 2 hours?

* Norway: Oslo Sandefjord Torp oro uostas- Sandefjord ((1)lietuvis!), Sandefjord-Oslas-Sandefjord(4)

  • 2013-  68 cars
* Turkey:(47)
* Kumbaba-Sıle x 4 (4)
* Sıle-Isık x2 (2)
* Isık- Gas statıon x2 (2)
* Isık campus: bordo-blue (1)
* Sile-Stambulas (1)
* Sıle-Kartal (1) (bus tıcket)
* Sakaryja- Izmıt-Kandıra-Sıle (3)
* Marmama Trip: Bursa-Bandırma (2), Eceabat-Tekirdag (4) Tekırdag-Marmaraereğlisi (1) (bus tıcket)
* Cappadocıa Trip: Kayserı- Mustafapasa-Urgup-Mustafapasa-Ankara-Duzce-İstanbul (14)
* Stambulas-Eskısehır (4)
* Kandıra-Agva (1) (alone…)
* GR-TR Border(Ipsala)- İstanbul (3) (blogiausia istorija…. ) the worst hitchhiking experience.
Greece (2)
* Greece border – Alexoundropolis(1)
*Alexoundropolis -Greece Border (1)
* Hungary, Budapest- Slovakia, Nitra (3)
*Slovakia, Nitra- Austria, Vienna (3)
*Austria, Vienna- Czech, Brno (3)
*Poland, Warsaw- Lithunia, Klaipėda (5)
*Lithuania, Klaipėda- Kaunas (2)
*Lithuania, Puorai-Širvintos (1)
  • 2014-   85 cars 

*Turkey: Trabzon-Sumela-Trabzon (3), Trabzon-Pazar (3), Ardešen-Borcka (3),Borcka-Sarp (1), Turkgozlu-Posof-Turkgozlu (2)

*Georgia:Birtvisi-somewhere for 5km (1) ,Bagratashen-Tibilisi (1) Mtsketa-Borjomi (2), Borjomi-Turkgozlu border (3) Turgozlu border-Axalstike (1) Vardzia-Ninotsminda (1) Ninotsminda-Tbilisi (3) Mtsketa-Kazbegi (4) Kazbegi-Tbilisi (3) Tbilisi-Kutaisi airport-Tbilisi (7) Botanical Garden- Tbilisi (1) Mtsketa-Zugdidi (7 and amazing police guys catching car for us) Zugidi-Tbilisi (3)

*Armenia: Bagratashen-Yerevan (1), Horvira-Yerevan (2) Yerevan-Gyumri (3) Spitak-Bahratashen (3)

*Abkhazia: Sokhumi-Gagra (3) Gagra- Sokhumi (4)

*Lithuania: Puorai-Sirvintos (1) Sirvintos-Utena-Sirvintos(8) Sirvintos-Utena (4) Ukmerge-Sirvintos (2) Kernave-Sirvintos (1)

*Cyprus island: Ercan-Girne (2) Girne-Nicosia (1) Larnaka-Famagusta (1)

  • 2015 (158)

*Azerbaijan :Red Bridge border crossing- Baku (5) Yanar Dag-Nardaran-Pirallahi (1) Gobustan-Baku (1) Baku-Balakan border crossing (5)

*Georgia :Balakan Border Crossing-Lagodekhi (1) Lagodekhi-Telavi (3) Telavi-Tbilisi (1) Mtskheta -Tbilisi (3) Chiatura-Mtskheta-Tbilisi (3) Tbilisi-Lanchkhuti (3) Lanchkhuti-Samtredia (1) Kutaisi-Tbilisi (2) Tbilisi-Batumi (4) Batumi-Tbilisi (1) Tbilisi-Udabno (5) Udabno-Sighnaki (4) Sighnaki-Nino Tskaro (1) Nino Tskaro-Tbilisi (2) Kutaisi airport-Kutaisi (1) Baghdati-Tbilisi (8) Tbilisi-Batumi (2) Batumi-Sarpi (1) Sarpi-khutsubani(4) Khutsubani-Khoni-Kobuleti (3) Kobuleti-Skuri (6) Zugdidi-Tbilisi (2)Tbilisi-Oni (5) Onis-Shovi(1) Shovi-Kutaisi (4) Garikula-Tbilisi (2) Tbilisi- Uplistikhe (4)

*Armenia: Bagratashen-Yerevan(3) Yerevan-Stepanakert (4) Yerevan-Tbilisi (6)

*Nagorno-Karabakh: Gori-Stepanakert (2)Shushi-Yerevan (5) Gandzasar-Stepanakert (3) Askeran-Gandzasar (4)

*Turkey- Border- Sarpi (1)

*Poland : Warsaw-Kaunas (2)

*Lithuania : Sirvintos-Puorai (x5) Kaunas -Vilnius (1) Viesai-Panevežys (2) Biržai-Subate (LV) (5) Subate-Kernave (5) Kernave- Širvintos (1) Sirvintos -Utena (4) Giedraičiai-Širvintos (1) Vilnius-Druskininkai-Vilnius (6) Širvintos-Bartkuškis-Širvintos (3) Širvintos-Klaipėda (5) Šilutė-Pagėgiai (1)


Trazavimui besiruošiant. Naudingi šaltiniai.Getting ready for hitchhiking. Good sources.

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