2018 rewind

What a year!


January to March I was enjoying  Tbilisi and spending time in mountains while transferring skiers there.  April I went  to Armenia, to see with my eyes Purple Revolution. Also, in April I went back to Lithuania to spend Easter with my family and first time traveled with my mother!  Crossing that out of my bucket list! We went to discover our roots  and wandered in Warsaw, Poland.  May I moved to new apartment and started living alone just with my cat. May to October working a lot in my lovely Georgia.Travelling around and discovering  Magical Caucasus. A lot , a lot… crazily a lot. But I have never felt so confident about my job and how good I am getting at it.

Just after finishing my work season I started travelling, but not for work, but for my pleasure. I finally finished Balkan countries. Traveled through Romania, Serbia,  Bosnia&Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy That was intense! Later I came back to rest bit in Georgia and when again hit the road and went to U.K. , for few weeks I was wondering in U.S.A, California,  went to my dream place Slab city,  visited Mexico and on the way back to Georgia, had few beers in Dublin, Ireland.  Those weeks in California bay there… one of the best time I had in my life.  I had surfed, I experienced so many cool stuff, that even today I can’t believe how good was time there.

Didn’t stay long in Georgia, but had opportunity to travel with my sister around and when went back to Lithuania. Had incredible family time for a month, enjoyed loving and being loved! Went to Belarus. Just because, I have never been there.  Finally, just after Christmas came back to Georgia, back to work and my second family, my friends.

What a year!

I am grateful for 2018, that I had a  year was full of travels like none of the year before.  My vagabond soul was so fulfilled! I worked hard so I could explore places I have never been.  Visited like 14 countries, crossed ocean, few continents, slept in airports, got lost several times, got very tired and incredible happy. Cried few times of being alive to experience this world.
In 2018 I had so many happy and different moments. But this one, captured in photo, is me truly happy like years ago when I was less experienced, more naïve and loving world. And here, I felt it again. Pure happiness without fear. 


I am grateful for having opportunity to bond with my family. I spend incredible good time with them. It took years to learn how to appreciate each other and now I feel so blessed to be with them every time I have opportunity. In those last two years we learnt how to accept each other, avoid judging, but instead be supportive. We became closer, because we finally accepted for who each of us actually are. I feel how emotionally connected we are now and it makes me so happy and not letting me feel alone! Can’t wait to spend more time with them!

My friends. My support. I tried last year to find new friends. But I just started to appreciate more the one I have. Is it with age, less and less chance to make new friendships? I feel like this. But I am blessed I have the ones who always next to me and we are growing together. Already 3 years, but feels like I have been with those people much more longer.

This year I continued taking negativity sources out of my life and forgiving to people, letting it go. I hoped it will make me feel free and better of not contributing to this world any non-positive emotions. Just didn’t want anyone to feel bad about anything. That made me…. honestly, it did nothing. I thought it will be a great step about moving forward, but it didn’t. Just feels like a right move I did.  Still carrying many trust issues and insecurities! But will work on that next year! Anyway, feeling happy about where I am in this life now, being a boss and in control of what happens around me! 


I am proud that I am still not smoking (that was a big deal for me), I ran a race and made 7k, my job and my tour agency is growing and my story is getting heard by more people.

Great year! Ready to conquer next one like a boss!

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