Things I learned in Georgia-Part 2

If somebody would ask me to describe Georgia in one word, it would be “Hospitality”. Maybe second choice  would be “Drunkenness”. After short time in Caucasus, you can understand, that it is the perfect country to have Borjomi springs, after drowning in wine rivers…

1.The first words you can learn in Georgia are: gaumarjos(cheers for all), gagimarjos(cheers for you), khvino (wine), ludi (beer) and chacha (stronger version of vodka). And they will be the most useful for all time you will be in this country.

2. Chacha is not a dance. It’s a killer, which makes your brain to dance for a moment and after it – to shut down. Never, NEVER drink it after hours of consuming wine or beer (or both). You will puke or you will have black out …or if you lucky, you will just pass out.

3. Another advice- avoid horns. It’s some very special way of drinking in Georgian style. You have horn (it can be small or artificial one and big) and after long toast you have to drink it bottoms up. So, in a minute you have to drink around 400ml wine(if it’s the big one, like in the picture). Outcomes similar as after Chacha.

It’s better  not to tell, what had happened after it… My lovely drinking buddies- Otto and Linas 😀 Continue reading

Things I learned in Georgia- Part 1

I feel, that it’s a time to tell the truth about the awesome and magical place called Georgia. It’s a pity, I was not writing my blog during the time I was there…The main and quite shameful reason- I was or drunk, or trying to get sober. And sometimes I was too busy  catching up the things I have to study for university. Also, it was too personal to write about all stories happened to me and my family- people I lived together. But now, I am at home and I remember everything with a warm feeling inside me and smile on my face. No mistakes, no regrets -just crazy time of the life when you are young and stupid.

But for now, not about it. Let’s talk about the things I learned  in crazy Caucasus country.

1. There are the place in the world where traffic rules do not exist. If you want to  cross the road be ready to be fearless. Green, red, yellow…does not matter. Just trust your luck and be self-confident. Do not stop moving and look to driver’s eyes. If you will stand next to the road, they can feel your doubts, so they will not stop for you. Just move and they will slow down. It’s too problematic for them to smash you and clean their car after it.

2. Georgian drivers- are crazy drivers, but really experienced. You need to be a pro, if you want to manage to drive and not to kill any cow, goat, ship, horse, duck… on the road, that will appear quite often.

IMG_1154 (800x533)


3. If you are hitchhiking, be sure, you are hungry. 75% drivers will feed you. To say “No”, not allowed and disrespectful. But you can manage to avoid offers to drink (even if many of them will have really good homemade alcohol in their car).

4. Yes, they will ask you, your number/facebook/vkontake(?) or odnoklassniki(??) account name. To keep in touch and to meet again to eat shashlik.

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