Things I learned in Georgia- Part 1

I feel, that it’s a time to tell the truth about the awesome and magical place called Georgia. It’s a pity, I was not writing my blog during the time I was there…The main and quite shameful reason- I was or drunk, or trying to get sober. And sometimes I was too busy  catching up the things I have to study for university. Also, it was too personal to write about all stories happened to me and my family- people I lived together. But now, I am at home and I remember everything with a warm feeling inside me and smile on my face. No mistakes, no regrets -just crazy time of the life when you are young and stupid.

But for now, not about it. Let’s talk about the things I learned  in crazy Caucasus country.

1. There are the place in the world where traffic rules do not exist. If you want to  cross the road be ready to be fearless. Green, red, yellow…does not matter. Just trust your luck and be self-confident. Do not stop moving and look to driver’s eyes. If you will stand next to the road, they can feel your doubts, so they will not stop for you. Just move and they will slow down. It’s too problematic for them to smash you and clean their car after it.

2. Georgian drivers- are crazy drivers, but really experienced. You need to be a pro, if you want to manage to drive and not to kill any cow, goat, ship, horse, duck… on the road, that will appear quite often.

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3. If you are hitchhiking, be sure, you are hungry. 75% drivers will feed you. To say “No”, not allowed and disrespectful. But you can manage to avoid offers to drink (even if many of them will have really good homemade alcohol in their car).

4. Yes, they will ask you, your number/facebook/vkontake(?) or odnoklassniki(??) account name. To keep in touch and to meet again to eat shashlik.

5. Telling you have a boyfriend doesn’t work. Because they take serious just marriage. But if you do not want to lie about husband, at least lie that you have Georgian boyfriend.

6. Georgian police is very, very helpful and friendly. They will be happy to give you ride, ice creams, lunch and catch you are new car (by using sirens, lights and all other cool stuff).

7. Finding Georgian admirer is very very easy. It can be anyone, with whom you will talk- taxi driver, barman, chachapuri seller, guys from pubs/clubs. Do not make mistake and even if you want to be polite, do not give your number. They will call you. Many many times. It takes time until they will understand you are not interested.

8. Does not matter how you look .You can be fat or skinny, blonde or red, after shower or without it for few days (about water problem in another post), maybe even you can wear a paper bag on your head- you still will feel as the most attractive human being in the world. Oh, Georgia really know how to boost your self-confidence to the top.9. Georgian girls really take care of themselves and  in my opinion they are very pretty. Mostly because of very pronounced faces, dark eyes, hair… But still- blurred, grey faced eastern Europeans are getting more attention. Georgian guys are mostly really macho looking type. And acting also in macho way. Jealousy is very popular.

10. Before coming to live in Georgia I had hypothesis, that Georgia is Christian version of Turkey. Yes, I think it’s true. People mentality, culture of family, relationship between man and woman, the perception of foreigners. But… Georgians are better in that way, that they don’t see Eastern Europeans as prostitutes, but as close friends (the friendship between pre-Baltika and Kavkaz). Even they still would try to charm you, but with different idea than turkish guys.

In another post, I will continue my list…

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