Tabula rasa

I wish to believe in new beginning, new white, clean page for starting everything again. New exchange semester, new people, new home. But… the thing is, I don’t believe in it. Maybe when we born we were Tabula Rasa, but since that day so many things changed. All people we met, all things we experienced left a mark in us. They all wrote down a word, a sentence or even a paragraph in our book of the life. All experiences and perceptions we get in our lives, make us who we are. And we can’t escape from it. All these things let us to grow up, but also sometimes leave so many scarfs and fears for similar experiences.

We never will be able to see this world in same eyes as we were kids. Purple glasses and naive look was lost many years ago. Now the only thing we can do, is to learn how to accept all experiences we got and to look to positive side of it. To  discover lessons behind every experience we got. Life is beautiful. Just sometimes it’s to hard to understand it.

It happened that I am living with very different people. Each of them has different story. To manage to live with them it’s crucial to be very tolerant and patient. It’s easier if it’s possible to be aware of different backgrounds each of them has. We all are caring on our shoulders our stories. Not everyone is ready to share it, but … it helps to be understood.

Sometimes it looks, that differences are huge. Even drives me crazy. However, it’s always possible to find some similarities which help to appreciate another person. Differences make us unique and special. And also it can be source of new knowledge for each other. Just it’s important to be willing to learn from another person.

I think it’s important to get an opportunity to hear someone tell you her/his life story first hand. You can learn a lot, understand the person better and build a strong relationship at the same time. I believe, that every person has an important story to tell. While listening to people’s stories, I can get a fuller picture of what people’s lives are like–their feelings, their nuances, and the richness of their lives. It helps me to learn about the world from its many people.

Different people, different stories. We can’t start creating ourselves just for this environment. We are, as we are. And doesn’t matter, how much I would wish to be able to hide my story, it’s impossible.

New beginning doesn’t exist anymore. We are not Tabula Rasa. We are full of marks left by other people and maybe even now we will leave one of them in each others life’s book. As a memory, a feeling or a lesson.

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