For my non biological sister. Kva Kva.

Sometimes each of us can get lost in their lives. So badly, that it’s impossible to find a way out. It feels so scary when you are too afraid to dream, to do something, because the only thing you can do, just to  expect a new punch from the life. I would never wish someone to experience it. But I wish that everyone would have a person in their lives who could help.

My Dear, My Sancho Pancha, My Editulka, Edita, My Sidney, My Rusalka…

My… so much.

My bed mate.

You know. Kva kva.

I am so grateful for the Power who sent you into my life. It’s hard to imagine life without you anymore. You’re not a friend. Not a best friend. It’s hard to find words to express your role in my life. You always supported me. Even doing stupid things. Wrong things. I always feel you with me (almost literally), because I know, you would be first person to offer your shoulder for me to cry. And first one who would kick my ass to stop  being sad and start being happy.

My kva kva.

Thank you.
We are crazy, stupid, too much loving partying, crazy dreamers and constantly breaking promises to start acting more responsible. Thank you for being my partying buddy and getting crazy.

Thank you for travelling with me. I had greatest moments and memories still warm me up during cold autumn evenings. All our inside jokes, that even we are forgetting. At least Watermelon will never be just fruit for us 😀

My travel buddy.
My non biological sister.

There are few things I am not thankful at all.

<> Why did you die my hair blue?

<> For all “last shots”

<> For creating Barbie personality and buying for me crazy pink things.

<> For leaving me in Georgia without you. You can change this one, by coming back :)


My “being kidnapped” mate

This year for our friendship was a huge challenge. I was sooo afraid to loose you. It helped me to understood how much you are important for me and how I am afraid to loose you. Thank you, that in the end of the day, you are here. Myliu. Kva kva.

I hope I can become for you as good friend as you are for me. I feel like I own you so much. You are wonderful. Tu esi nuostabi. I wish to learn more from you about being  good friend, about caring more about others. Linkiu tau viso ko geriausio ir aš tikiu, kad taip ir bus. Nes esi geras žmogus, kuris vertas pačio geriausio. Kva Kva. Aš žinau, kad mūsų laukia dar daug nuostabių nuotykių kartu.

Myliu. Laukiu sugrįžtančios.

Juk kartu mes galime kovoti prieš Vėjo Malūnus :)

Su gimimo diena…




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