Proud 2016

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A year ago I was thinking that 2015 were the shittiest year in my life. I was imbalanced, crazy, recklessly letting my emotions to shape my decisions. I was searching for comfort in people, who I thought cares about me, but they were just hurting. I finished 2015 with a hope that it’s the end of the “dark period”. However, I was afraid that worse may come. I was still in unhealthy relationship, still haunted by ghosts of the past and felt lonely far away from my old friends. That’s how I started 2016.

Now I am thinking about the last year and  I feel…proud of myself! Here are 6 things I am so glad about !

1. I cut out of my life all negative people. I stopped pretending being nice, polite and feeling guilty for everything. I just let those people to go and now they are not haunting my dreams anymore. I accepted reality and finally moved on. I let everything what kept me feeling bad about past just to fade away!14124205_10210439342405519_286230435_o

2. I found amazing squad. My Castle Family!  People who were so nice to me, always supporting me, encouraging and  being patient for my loud mornings! Those people are special and I am so happy I have them now. I think I have difficulty to express my love for them, but  they are still so nice to me! Not nice. Amazing! Our craziness complement each other! Mua!

3.In 2016 I was not searching for comfort and self-confidence  in relationships. No person will make me happy until I will decide to be happy. My happiness won’t come to me, it can come just from me. In anyway, I do have Love in my life. It’s my new cat. Her name is Meile (eng.Love) 😀


4.I started to treat myself better. I was more often exercising, not destroying my hair with dyeing them in all rainbow colors, using girly stuff which I never used before  (masks and creams!) and daily using vitamins and minerals which I was lacking. For more than two months I was fasting and cleaning my body. Still have to improve a lot and take care of my unhealthy choices, but I am proud of slow but steady progress. “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Healthy mind in healthy body. Those changes I made also helped me to keep my emotions more balanced.

5. Even I broke my hand in the most hilarious way (I got hit by a kid on a bicycle on pedestrian road!) and because of that, I had to change summer plans and spend all my savings for surgery, I kept being positive! Of course, help from friends was a crucial reason how I managed that!

6.  A year ago I was working in one travel agency. I was happy, learning amazing things and hoping that stability finally came to my life. But life had different plans. Company had serious financial issues. January and February were craziest months. I lost job and salaries for last two months. I had no money. I was homeless. And still, I believed everything will be OK.

Now, after a year I can tell-  I am  entrepreneur. I am co-owner of Magical Caucasus Travel agency. Me and my colleague started our own business. This first year was crazy. I learnt incredibly a lot and I am still keen on learning more. That’s the reason how I managed to stay in one country, didn’t travel at all and I still have no plans to moving out of Georgia. I found something that challenges me. I always can learn new stuff and I think, I am quite good in helping people to travel and  to have unforgettable experiences.   Magical Caucasus became the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life and I am still in progress! I do believe, that I found what I want to do for a long time!  Stability came in my life because I found how to express myself!

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That was my year. I am proud of myself and grateful for people who were close to me. In 2016 I became more aware of what is really worth of my energy. So, I close my eyes to old endings and open my heart to new beginnings in 2017.


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