One of these kind of nights when it seems to impossible to fall asleep. Maybe because of caffeine in midnight’s Coca Cola glass, maybe because to many thoughts about next year and how to manage everything.

Or maybe, because I am not feeling very happy. Most often here I am feeling…OK. Not so bad, not so good. Just OK. I don’t like it. But I will put a fake smile on my face and continue a performance…

I have problems. However, most of the people I got to know here, every week are coming/calling/writing to me to talk about their problems. And I am listening, trying to understand them. I am honestly putting efforts to find solution for their personal dramas. I’m patient and I’m willing to hear about their lives.

Stories from DramaLand aka  Turkey are about jealousy of partners (and its very common story). Some stories about learning and failing how to trust. Other stories seems like some “soup opera” with crazy people and crazy obsessions. But some, like sweet teenager love stories…

To conclude, the main problem of all of them- not talking with partner about feelings and thoughts.

So, I’m attracting these stories and I’m patiently listening them.

At least it’s excuse not to think about my own personal drama. Although, I still haven’t heard a story more complicated than mine.

p.s. wow, my blog posts becoming like teenager girl’s life chronicles.

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