My wanderlust in 2014

Somehow I was feeling like I was not travelling enough last year. But reality is different. Most of the time I was exploring something great.

On January I was already in Turkey. I was continue to explore my favorite city- Istanbul. Getting lost, discovering new places  and tasting new tastes. 1507635_10202174393620399_15685403_n On February I hit the road. From Istanbul I traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia. I used many different means of transport- plane, trains, buses and of course- cars I stopped by hitchhiking. This trip that i called “Along the Karadenis coast to Kavkaz”  was really wonderful. I met great people,  I had many adventures and most important I overcame my fear to travel and  hitchhike in Turkey alone. I visited great cities, like Kastamonu, Samsun, Trabzon, Ayder, Borçka, Batumi… 1653802_10202426553204231_82232451_n 1969177_10202432437551336_1791500865_n Continue reading

Escape from autumn: the island of Cyprus

I see a sky closer than usually. Clouds are behind me, a map on my knees and the backpack next to me. In one hour I will land in unknown lands that I will try to discover. I am ready to hit the road. To find new things, to experience stories and to calm down my traveler’s soul. It’s time. It’s getting to hard to stay in one place.

My travels start from a moment I buy tickets. I start to imagine and plan future trip and it makes me really exited and happy. At some moment, I understood – autumn is killing me. I bought tickets and since that moment, problem was solved. Travelling heals me. It makes me to feel alive and … happier. Continue reading

Things to do in Istanbul #2 (Balık Ekmek, Çamlıca, Bosphorus, Bazaar, Football)


Eminönü is the place where you can experience a spirit of Istanbul. Just sit down next to Galata bridge and watch how people are going in and out of the spice market, getting on or off from the ferry, walking towards the mosque, eating, playing, talking and enjoying life. For centuries fishermen were bringing their catch from the Bosphorus and the Marmara sea over the Golden Horn for sale. No doubts, fish is super fresh here. Years ago, few boatmen had an idea: cook the fish right on the boat and sell it for hungry people. Today you can not miss colorful boats and smell an aroma of fresh frying fish. If your nose and eyes still can trick you, you will hear people shouting “Balık Ekmek! Balık Ekmek!”. It’s very simple street food. Fried fish in a bread.

It’s kinda weird to buy sandwiches from boats bobbing in the water, but also it feels old-fashioned and romantic. Eat this sandwich with a drink called şalgam (pickle juice with some pickled vegetables). It’s sour, salty and perfectly fits with Balık ekmek. Best place to eat it, next to big stairs. There are many places to sit and enjoy the view of Galata Tower. Continue reading

Things to do in Istanbul #1 (Ferry, Sultanahmet, Hamam, Tramway)


If it is your first time visitng Istanbul, don’t miss opportunity to enjoy very daily activity of local Istanbul citizen- crossing from European side to Asian side by ferry. It fascinates me somehow in very childish way. It’s really entertaining! I always feel a risk to fall down to Bosforus water while I am stepping into a boat. Mostly because I am lacking balance and also there are no safety fences or something to protect people from accidents. Also, it’s great to have a cup of tea or glass of french orange juice, meantime enjoying beautiful view of two continent’s coasts. If you are eating simit (circular bread with sesame seeds), don’t be greedy and share it with seagulls (aka sea beggars). They are always following ferry boats… Maybe that’s why Istanbul’s seagulls are so fat. Continue reading


My life in Turkey is not so exited as it was before. I’m feeling too much local here. Not so much Erasmus, but more as person who came back… again and again. Before coming here I was aware that it will not be as it was the first time. Everything looked so new, so undiscovered and I was open to do the craziest and the most adventurous things to experience as much as possible. But now, I kinda know how it is to live in Turkey. I have my routine here. Some nights out in Taksim, rides to visit Babaanne’s (bf grandmothers), daily internship, Saturdays in local market and Thursdays at university… I know my favorite food, places and people.

I don’t feel disappointed about it. I was expecting it and now I’m the most busy with filling unfinished documents, making strategies for life and cooking for my handicapped in kitchen boyfriend. I’m really spending a lot of time in kitchen, because neighbors across the street, who can see me through windows, started to tell my flatmates, that ginger foreign girl is always preparing some food… Continue reading

Trying to find a balance…


Three archetypes of me. First archetype : The student/The intern

Crossing Bosforus makes me feel somehow magical. I see mosques around me, skyscrapers behind them, seagulls trying to catch some food and small houses on hills. While listening murmur of the city, the only thing that interrupts such a magical moment is the fact, that I really badly want to sleep. My campus is on another continent, so I have to take a bus and a boat…or a boat and a bus (that gets stuck in the traffic every morning). My campus is in the place called „Anadolu Hisari“( Anatolian Castle). Maybe I will become a princess of it? Neh, I don’t think so, because I am planing to visit university once a week and establish my Kingdom in Besiktas (home and internship place). Continue reading

Merhaba Türkiye… again…

I couldn’t grasp that I have already landed in Istanbul after seeing spectacular view of the city through the plane window, when officer suddenly started to flirt with me. While checking my passport, he expressed his thoughts about my beauty. At the same moment I understood, nothing changed since the last time I was in this country. Turkey is still Turkey.

Two days after, I was waiting for a friend in Taksim square. A man came to me and told me: “Doyouwannadirinkcola”. What? Do you want to drink cola? It was hard to stop laughing of such a straight forward strategy. Next evening somebody in the street was offering tea… I don’t know these people. But… I can’t be surprised. I have already spent too much time in Turkey, so I can not pretend that I don’t know, how Turkish do not hesitate approaching foreigners and especially girls.

First time I came to Turkey in 2013 February for my first semester as an exchange student. Since then, because of interesting and romantic twists in my life, I officially entered Turkey six times and I spend around 10 months in this country. And now, I am again settling down in Istanbul for at least next 4 months…

Now I am not so surprised or feeling exited about everything around me. In my face you can see a wise smile, because I overcame “integration period” 1.5 year ago. Now, I feel somehow local… As much, as foreigner could be.


The first morning and I am already trying some East Turkey traditional  bride accessories

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The Dream Team


Studying in Georgia was really wonderful experience, because of people around me. My „Eastern European family“- group of young, wild and unique students. Each of us had very different personality, but we managed to tolerate differences and felt like family. It was so special. Together we were Living, Laughing, Partying, Complaining… and of course, Travelling.

Honestly, I was not so much into exploring Georgia every weekend. It was my third time in this Caucasus country.  Once you have seen monastery, you know, all of them will be almost same. Once you have visited Capadocia in Turkey, none of other cave town will be comparable to it. So, if I was travelling around, I was doing that, because of the process, but not destinations. Hitchhiking and good company- it is a guaranty for a good trip.

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Ateinantį rudenį busiu…

Esu laimės vaikas, argi ne?

Paskutinę savaitę išsiaiškinusi apie Erasmus+ programą ir naujoves, jau prieš pat deadline pateikiau savo motyvacinį laišką išvykti į Erasmus vėl. Turbūt jau nieko nenustebinsiu pasakiusi, kad kitą pusmetį vėl mokysiuosi Turkijoje. Vėl Stambule. Tačiau šįkart Marmaros universitete. Kodėl vėl noriu išvykti?

– Nes man labai patinka gyventi kitose šalyse ir keliauti, tad naudojuosi bet kokiomis galimybėmis šį norą įgyvendinti;

-Nes dievinu Turkiją ir noriu toliau tęsti šios šalies pažinimą;

-Nes noriu parašyti bakalaurinį darbą susijusi su Turkijos politika;

-Ir žinoma, nes noriu būt arčiau savo bernioko, kuris liepos mėnesį grįš iš armijos ♥

Jaučiuos labai, labai laiminga! Ir išties mylima kažkieno ten viršuje.

Kada grįšiu į Lietuvą? Hmmm… nežinau. Dabar mėgaujuosi studijomis Gruzijoje, kuri yra pilna staigmenų, o vasarą planuoju atlikti praktiką. Kur? Dar nežinau, jei Dievas duos, turbūt irgi Stambule.

Kaip matau mano turkiškas gyvenimo etapas dar nesiruošia greit užsibaigti…

Stebuklai. Jau po kelionės…

Gyvenimas yra nuostabus. Tačiau reik nebijoti išeiti iš patogumo į nežinomybę. Svarbu pasikliauti Dievu, kad busi nuvestas ten, kad atsiras žmonės, ar netikėtai įvyks kažkas, kas padės stipriai pajusti šio pasaulio grožį.Tiesiog išdrįsk. Ir tada stebuklai tavo gyvenime pradės vykti.

Žinau, kad baisu, tačiau tai tik baimė suklysti. Bet tu gali nustoti bijoti, kai nebejausi baimės klysti. Nebijok klaidų, bandyk, klysk ir taip mokykis. Taip išmoksi pažinti save ir pasaulį. Juk klysti ir pasiklysti smagu!

Ačiū dangaus ir žemės galybei už gyvenimą pilną stebuklų. Ačiū  už duotą vidinę jėgą, kuri padeda man nugalėti baimę. Ačiū už ženklus, kurių prasmę tik aš viena ir težinau. Ačiū už pasitikėjimą nepažįstamiems žmonėms.

Kelionė buvo nuostabi. Būtent tokia, kokios man reikėjo, kad  vėl pradėčiau jausti šio pasaulio grožį. Turkijos vyrai pagerino savo įvaizdį mano akyse. Visi tie vyrai, kurie manimi rūpinosi tėviškai, broliškai ir draugiškai. Tie, kurie leido nakvoti jų namuose, kurie mane paveždavo, kurie rūpinosi mano saugumu. O jie juk manęs nepažinojo. Juk aš jų nepažinojau irgi. Tačiau mus rišo pasitikėjimas, kurį suteikėme vieni kitiems ir tai žinodami nenorėjome nuvilti.

Vėl jaučiuosi pasaulio dalimi ir vėl pradėjau matyti kiškius, kuriuos sekdama, atsidursiu stebuklų pasaulyje. O jis yra šalia, tiesiog kartais nematomas.

Atsimerk. Nebijok.