My wanderlust in 2014

Somehow I was feeling like I was not travelling enough last year. But reality is different. Most of the time I was exploring something great.

On January I was already in Turkey. I was continue to explore my favorite city- Istanbul. Getting lost, discovering new places  and tasting new tastes. 1507635_10202174393620399_15685403_n On February I hit the road. From Istanbul I traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia. I used many different means of transport- plane, trains, buses and of course- cars I stopped by hitchhiking. This trip that i called “Along the Karadenis coast to Kavkaz”  was really wonderful. I met great people,  I had many adventures and most important I overcame my fear to travel and  hitchhike in Turkey alone. I visited great cities, like Kastamonu, Samsun, Trabzon, Ayder, Borçka, Batumi… 1653802_10202426553204231_82232451_n 1969177_10202432437551336_1791500865_n March  was a time to settle down in new place and start to call it home. I started my exchange semester in Tbilisi State University. It was my third time in Georgia,so I was not so much into going every weekend to explore this country, because I have visited many places before. I was feeling kinda tired and I just wanted to stay in Tbilisi. But of course, I had opportunity to discover new places, I have not been before and face great challenges while hiking and camping, for example- Birtvisi.1962871_10202610755769180_434121774_n 1460234_10202610719728279_668533892_nIn April my two best travel buddies came, so we decided to go to Armenia. We hitchhiked and couchsurfed just for three days, because I had midterms and my friends had limited time. But we explored Yerevan and some nice monasteries around. And of course, we saw Ararat!1969265_10202852404170239_4390089540434172947_n10170823_10202852402770204_5311398452046234640_n In May I understood that my time in Caucasus are going to end, so I was more willing to explore new places. With “dream team” made from Polish and Lithuanians, we had great great time exploring south part of Georgia. We visited towns like Vardzia, Ninotsminda, Borjomi and Alkhastikhe.  Even I had opportunity to visit Turkey again.  More about our adventures here.

1966928_10202983500727571_2588128909939940960_n 1010887_10202983502167607_7345042594308664407_n 10258422_10202983548248759_3136300530812317801_n 10259963_10202983547808748_2125501657672181424_n 10312012_10202983502447614_1957689680896390769_n 10364150_10202983546928726_8708291392734263228_n

Also in May  with other great students I finally visited Kazbegi. That was challenging but really worth to hike. Looking forward to explore more one day.

10298844_10203022633265860_3278110759913095005_n 10367125_10203022630745797_5378610898132230418_n

Also I guess It was May  when I decided to go with touristic excursion to Martvili. Advice for future- never again. One of the worst time in marshrutka. Very touristic, very stupid…At least, I had great company.

10421991_1492045541031785_3561011544569927944_n 10440940_1492049327698073_6288473273877033166_n

June was terribly hot. I was not able to sleep and also it was the time for exams… After finals we decided to visit Abkhazia. My story is here. Definitely, it is a place that i recommend for travelers who are bored of Western countries and interested in different places.

10489953_10203352936363231_1610417733573537055_n 10478566_10203352952243628_669662657434504663_n 10439444_10203353057046248_6760824842342099954_n

In July  I had finally to say goodbye for Georgia and Caucasus. It was so hard. Tbilisi became my home and I found great friends, great family there. But life is life and I needed to move on…I didn’t say goodbye for Georgia, just…see you soon. Some of my stories and ideas about this wonderful country is here. Be aware, it’s little bit satirical.


And after… I  came back to my motherland- Lithuania. My family was missing me a lot, so I was enjoying Lithuanian summer. I spent rime in Garden house, enjoying company of my family, my cat (still alive, even it is 15 years old!) and new dog. I didn’t settle down too long, so I was hitchhiking, visiting friends, having reunions or going to “Volunteer festival” .


In August  me and my good friends went to Poland, Zakopane for Erasmus+ youth-exchange. That was one of the worst organised camp/event I have ever experienced. But Lithuanian team was so great that I had plenty of fun. Also I visited Krakow. 

10540860_932365743445777_289277296994706253_n 10622770_10202549182991156_7345632235246327727_n 10686759_959787784037298_3832512260976268585_n

In September I again  flew away from Lithuania and came back to Istanbul for my third exchange, this time to Marmara University. I was very busy- studies, internship, work and personal life.  I was exploring new places in Istanbul with guests who were coming to visit me. 10734147_10204097720462368_8448394640422596681_n 1966935_10204097875026232_1851867276301502112_n 1781872_10204315079056197_4983296231467220700_nBut in October I was already feeling that my traveler’s soul is not calm. So I flew to Cyprus. I was travelling alone and exploring Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and “Greek” Cyprus.  I want to come back, because 7 days were not enough. IMG_9764 IMG_9578 IMG_9836

In November  me and my boyfriend went to Antalya.  I was skeptical about such a touristic city, but I left surprised because I liked that city a lot. I am regretting that I couldn’t stay longer to explore many wonderful places around.

10393993_10204365166468351_5284515081308794927_n 10610876_10204365129387424_1976704927551843435_n 10847774_10204365875406074_9037047904688264362_n

In December I was enjoying my last month in my favorite city. I had millions of things to do and I was very busy… I had to say goodbye to my friends, my work, my turkish family… and on January 4th I came back to Lithuania. 

I was complaining (still doing it) about my life. But c’mon, it was great year. I traveled in 6 countries (I am counting Abkhazia too), maybe I didn’t visit so many new countries, but I explored many new places in these countries. And it was great. I travelled alone, with friends, with boyfriend… I stopped more than 85 cars this year while hitchhiking.

Great year and I wish next year will be even better :)







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